A5. Kinetic Typography | Part 3

I had a lot of fun getting to know Adobe After Effects a lot better this week and I am beginning to feel more comfortable. It used to be software that I was very intimidated by, giving up almost immediately when I tried to play around with it in the past. But, taking my time and having lots of patience with myself, has been rewarding, even if I restarted this assignment 3 times! This week, I removed all of the images that I uploaded to After Effects, as I realized in my desk crit that I wasn’t going to be able to animate the lines/words/characters in the way that I had imagined. Instead, I wrote out each line within the composition, updated the colors in the background, and then I was able to animate my text. I feel much, much better about this assignment and how my kinetic typography is turning out. I still have some things that I want to update, but I am feeling good.

I am looking forward to receiving final feedback this week from my professor and peers and making additional edits.


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Jennifer Novicki

Process blog for my M.S. candidacy in the Integrated Digital Media program @ the NYU Tandon School of Engineering