This week was spent wrapping up my poster and article spread concepts and designs and finalizing the website design. I received feedback to update the color of the title in my poster to a warm yellow, so I tried a few shades but every shade I selected didn’t provide sufficient contrast. I used to find a color that would work the best the shade of pink/red I used for the triangle (#ff3366) and I found a nice shade of purple (#533061) that I thought was perfect, since this is an NYU sponsored event, even if it’s not the exact shade of purple, but it matches both the shade of pink/red and the font color (#000).

Designing the website presented its own set of challenges as I worked in an interface that is fairly new to me. I’ve only ever used Figma one time and it was in this semester, so I decided to try Adobe XD since I use a lot of products in the Adobe Creative Suite and my skill level was the same as it would be for Figma. Overall, I found the interface intuitive and very similar to Adobe XD. The one issue I did have trouble with was creating a scroll bar for the scrolling feature. I found some helpful articles online that directed me to create an interaction, but I had some issues trying to create the exact interaction I wanted with my “scroll bar.” I was supposed to duplicate the artboards and then add the “scroll bar” in the various places I wanted it to “scroll” to, but it didn’t work the way I had expected it to. My solution was to create a light gray bar on the side of the featured speaker's region, which I hope can be understood that this region should be scrolled to view more content.

I also found the research aspect of the website design to be quite fun! I used the links to the speaker's websites in our syllabus to obtain their bio and photos, although some photos I found via a Google Search. Since there were more speakers listed on the poster than information/links that were provided, I also added a button that will send users to the Speakers page below the Featured Speakers region.

Overall, I thought this assignment was challenging and fun. I found all of the feedback I received from both my peers and professor to be really helpful and I found that I gained a lot of useful knowledge. This assignment really pushed me to try new things, even though I know I have a lot more to learn and new designs to try in the future.


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